Saturday, May 26, 2018

Starbucks and the Fruits of Liberalism

The liberals played Starbucks like a fiddle--they willingly got used and this is the result. This corporate decision will clearly hurt this business. A Starbucks employee reportedly found syringes, drug baggies and blood all over the walls in the bathroom at a Chicago Starbucks.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Tonight's Sky 5-25-18

Former Major League Baseball star Johnny Damon Loves President Trump

House bill 997 - English will be the official language

English Language Unity Act of 2017

This bill establishes English as the official language of the United States, introduced by Rep. Steve King in February 2017. It's amazing that bills as important as this one, lingers on from committee to committee. Let's make this a law!

It states: Naturalization ceremonies and official functions of the U.S. government, subject to exceptions, must be conducted in English.

The bill declares that all citizens should be able to read and understand generally the English language text of U.S. laws.

A person injured by a violation of this bill may obtain relief, including a declaratory judgment, in a civil action.

English language requirements and workplace policies, whether in the public or private sector, shall be presumptively consistent with U.S. laws. Any ambiguity in U.S. laws shall be resolved in accordance with the rights retained by the people and the powers reserved to states under the Bill of Rights.

The Department of Homeland Security shall issue a proposed rule for uniform testing of the English language ability of candidates for naturalization based upon the principles that: (1) all citizens should be able to read and understand generally the English language text of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the laws of the United States; and (2) any exceptions to this standard should be limited to extraordinary circumstances, such as asylum.

One more Week

One more week is the start of Hurricane Season. NOAA predicts a 35 percent chance of an above-normal season, a 40 percent chance of a near-normal season, and a 25 percent chance of a below-normal season for the upcoming hurricane season, which extends from June 1 to November 30. Let's pray for "normal."

National Hurricane Center (NOAA)

Project Veritas on Child Abuse

Ohio Teachers Union Presidents Defend “physical, sexual, verbal” Abuse of Children: “S**t happens”

Hillary - The Pay to Play Gal

Hillary Clinton, the poster child for corruption, scandal, pay-for-play, lying to the American people, and of course, illegally using private email servers to handle classified information, believes the Democrat Party is the way to go if you respect “the rule of law.”

Not only did she say it, but she said it with a straight face.

Read about the Pay to Play Gal... and of course, the first rate liar.


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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tonight's Sky 5-24-18

Memorial Day services at Pinecrest Cemetery

Every year we have Memorial Day Services at Pinecrest cemetery. So here's the scoop:

May 24, 2018

Memorial Day Ceremonies 2018 Lake Worth, Florida - American Legion Vogel-Lee Post #47 has organized Memorial Day Ceremonies to be held at Pine Crest Cemetery Main Veterans Section in Lake Worth. Scout Troop 204 will place flags and crosses on Veteran’s graves and provide the Color Guard salute during the ceremony. The public is encouraged to attend and pay tribute to those who gave their lives in the service of our Nation.

What: Memorial Day Ceremonies
When: Monday, May 28 │10:00am to Noon
Where: Pine Crest Cemetery Main Veterans Section
1724 12th Avenue South
Lake Worth, FL

Contact: American Legion Vogel-Lee Post #47 │ Richard Smith at 561.582.4616 Scout Troop 204 │ Ken S. at 561.647.2185

Dolores Key, Economic Development & Marketing Director
City of Lake Worth
1900 2nd Avenue North
Lake Worth, FL 33461

Ricco restaurant in Lake Worth

At the northwest corner of Congress and Melaleuca, 4469 S. Congress Suite 110, is a new restaurant, Ricco. This is the spot that used to be occupied by Napoli's. It is clean, bright and modern.

I stopped into Ricco today to see what was up and was greeted by its marketing manager.  What a delightful guy as was all of the employees there. I went in to get a copy of their menu and every time I asked about a dish, I was given a sample.  Today the special was chicken lasagna and was it ever delicious! This sells for $10.99 and it includes two sides. Drinks range from$1.85 for a soda to $3.50 for a Smoothie.

The food is primarily Latin and the cook showed me her pot of black beans (they looked yummy) and two different rices, yellow and white. But if you don't want a meal, you can order a sandwich or an appetizer.

Best Beaches in Palm Beach County

And guess what?  Most of them have FREE parking.

To view, click here...

2nd amendment is there to protect us from tyranny

Intelligent and sensible argument about guns and support for the 2nd Amendment.  View this 5 year old video

President Trump pulls out of summit with Kim

President Trump stands for Life

Marco - Fighting for our Future

Snopes Fact-Checker Exposed

Snopes Fact-Checker EXPOSED As a Failed Liberal Blogger and Downright FRAUD

Snopes, on many occasions, has been annoying through the years but this article shows you the left-leaning bias. Can we trust anyone to give accurate accountings other than Fox, the number one cable news channel?

Read about it...