Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lake Worth neighborhood volunteers pick up a lot of trash

Nick Petrino says, "We picked up a ton of debris! Its all stacked outside on North C St...about 10 truck loads."

Sounds like Royal Poinciana Neighborhood volunteers had a very successful day.

Quote of the Day - President Trump on Crooked Hillary

“Oh, I hope Hillary runs. Is she going to run? I hope. Hillary, please run again!”

~ President Donald J. Trump

Said in jest during a Rose Garden news conference with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when earlier in the day he was asked if Crooked Hillary was going to run again.

The Stock Market

Is the stock market over-valued? I admit that I'm nervous about it. I wish President Trump would stop bragging about the market as investors are probably getting poised to sell off to make small fortunes. They know how to time the market and usually sell offs occur near the end of the year.

We're in the middle of a bubble. All that government borrowing and Federal Reserve stimulus (they are not allowing recessions to happen) is driving the market up. If the Feds start to raise interest rates, this bubble could burst.

Charles Gasparino, Senior Correspondent at Fox Business says: 
Well, as someone who’s lived— and reported—through several bubbles, including the mother of all, which preceded the 2008 banking collapse, I recognize the telltale signs, all of which exist at this very moment: extremely low interest rates (which we’ve had in spades in recent years); a slow-growth economy (which means stocks are trading above levels where they should, given corporate earnings; and the fact that the Federal Reserve knows it has to raise them at some point or they’ll create another housing bubble like the one that led to the 2008 crash.

What do any of you investors or economists think?

Judge Roy Moore

Why should the Washington Post restrict itself to lying about President Trump when there are good conservatives they can try to destroy as well?

Judge Roy Moore, for example.

A Friday political hit piece -- piggybacking on another earlier this month -- tried to make Moore into a tax cheat.

The Post put two of their most dependably anti-Trump, anti-conservative reporters on the hatchet job.

It might have worked ... if the truth hadn't come out.

Read about it... at WND.

George W.

George Bush and family are ticked off at Donald Trump for overthrowing them and their failed policies and political tactics! They can't get over Trump labeling Jeb Bush as "low energy" during the 2016 debates.

Liberals LOVE President Trump's Tax Plan

Liberal weenies fall in love with Trump’s tax plan when told it is Bernie Sanders’ tax plan. Deer in the headlights when told the plan is Trump’s.

[Powdered Wig]

Friday, October 20, 2017

Phone Scam targeting Lake Worth Utility Customers


October 20, 2017

Contact: Ben Kerr, Communications Specialist
Phone: 561.586.1631

Lake Worth, FL

Phone Scam targeting Lake Worth Utility Customers

On October 20, 2017 it came to the attention of the City of Lake Worth that phone scammers posing as City of Lake Worth employees are targeting customers across our service territory. These scammers may use false phone numbers that could appear on a caller ID to be City of Lake Worth. They then threaten to shut the power off unless a payment is made immediately with a Green Dot MoneyPak card or personal credit card.

These calls are not from the City of Lake Worth. Lake Worth Utilities will never call and demand credit card information or take Green Dot MoneyPak cards as payment with the threat of disconnection. The City does not ask for any personal information from customers unless the customer initiates the contact.

If customers ever receive a strange call and are in doubt, they are encouraged to hang up and call Lake Worth Utilities at 561-533-7300. Authorities have been notified of this scam. Those who may have been a victim, should contact us at 561-533-7300 or make a Suspicious Incident Report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office at 561-688-3400. Once a customer is given a case number, they should contact Lake Worth Utilities who will forward the information to the Detective in charge. Please contact Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth Communications Specialist with any questions or comments.

Sunset 10-20-17

FEMA in the ROLO neighborhood?

Katie alerted me to a group of people (I witnessed four men and one woman) in the ROLO neighborhood today knocking on doors and giving out flyers from a pad. They all had badges around their necks identifying them as FEMA reps.

They did not wear uniforms. There were no markings on their van but it did have a government plate. They told me they were part of Homeland Security and here to assist people who might have a claim from hurricane damage. That's as far as I got until it poured down rain. By the time I got to my car I was drenched all the way through.

Katie called the non-emergency number at PBSO and left a message with the operator. No one called her back. One hour later she called again and no one was picking up. It's Friday.

Read the Disaster Assistance Info Sheet

Frederica Wilson - How did Florida deserve her?

Aside from being a Democrat, there is something radically wrong with this woman.

"They know the risk, they know what they sign up for but they still volunteer to put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans. We owe them a debt that can never be repaid."

~ President Trump to the widow of Sgt Johnson

Budget Reconciliation Process passed in Senate 51/49

Wow! The Senate is actually getting something done, passing $4 trillion budget blueprint in crucial first step for President Trump’s tax overhaul plan


This is important because it means that the Republicans who control the Senate could pass a tax bill with 51 votes, not the 60 often needed for major bills. The only Republican to vote "no" was Sen. Rand Paul.

Our favorite gal - Fredericka Wilson

Lower taxes; Higher Wages - Trump Tax Plan

Lower Taxes, Higher Wages: A Tax Plan Made in America, for America

President Donald J. Trump’s tax reform initiatives will save Americans’ hard-earned dollars by dramatically cutting the Federal corporate income tax rate, which also promotes higher wages. Under the Unified Framework for Tax Reform, the “offshoring model” will no longer deposit American dollars overseas, instead using those dollars to bolster the American economy.

Learn more about what the Trump Administration’s tax reform plan can do for you and your family.

Sen. John McCain -- ya gotta quit

'Sen. John McCain -- ya gotta quit'

Has Sen. John McCain worn out his welcome? Has his shelf life expired? Is he a pariah? A lot of conservative Republicans -- and President Trump -- think so. And here are only the latest reasons why--

Read about John...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sunset 10-19-17

Michelle Obama--Seeing the world through racial bias

Michelle Obama: “There Are Too Many White People”

Get over it, Michelle:
White: 211,460,626 (75.1%)
Black: 34,658,190 (12.3%)
Asian: 10,242,998 (3.6%)
American Indian and Alaska Native: 2,475,956 (0.9%
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander: 398,835 (0.1%
other race: 15,359,073 (5.5%)
Hispanic origin:1 35,305,818 (12.5%)

Royal Poinciana NA Clean-up this Saturday on South C Street

Sarah Parr-Malega, candidate for Commissioner District 1, is having a neighborhood cleanup this Saturday.  Following is a message from Nick Petrino. The company for whom he is employed will be assisting with the clean-up with equipment and crew.

"Our company, V&S Landscaping, will be volunteering on 10/21/17 from 8:00AM - 12:00PM for the Neighborhood Cleanup to assist Ms. Sarah Parr-Malega with her campaign to become a City of Lake Worth Commissioner 2018. Our initial meeting spot will be at 404 S C ST and the focus will be from Lake Avenue to 6th Avenue South.

We are looking forward in helping improve the Community for its residents. I will have our Dump Truck, Maintenance Equipment and our dedicated V&S Crew will be on site.

Nicholas Petrino

Liberal nut job at Miami University

The US Flag Code says, “The Flag Code addresses the impropriety of using the flag as an article of personal adornment, a design of items of temporary use, and item of clothing. The evident purpose of these suggested restraints is to limit the commercial or common usage of the flag, and, thus, maintain its dignity.”

Read about it...

Shanon Materio has a rival

Shanon Materio has competition in her commission race for West Palm Beach District 5.

Read about Christina Lambert...

Lake Worth teen punches guy over a beer and steals $12

It happened in our favorite part of town where things happen on a regular basis.

No one under the age of 21 is allowed to purchase, consume or possess alcoholic beverages in the State of Florida.