Monday, February 20, 2017

Sunset 2-20-17

Lt. Gen Herbert McMaster just named as National Security Adviser

President Donald Trump has named Lt Gen Herbert Raymond "HR" McMaster as the new national security adviser.

President Trump made the announcement at Mar-a-Lago. He said McMaster is "a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience."

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The Media can't destroy Trump

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on President Trump‘s tweet calling the media the “enemy” today, saying, “I think there’s something to it.”

Saudi Arabia praises Trump; warms up to Israel

Trump is already making inroads in the Middle East, a hot bed of insanity and brutality. Saudi Arabia says that Iran is the biggest threat to the Middle East and is warming up to Trump who believes the same thing. Saudi Arabia also says it wants to solve Arab/Israeli relations.

The problem is, Saudi Arabia will always be under Sharia law. We have a toxic relationship with them. They behead people and women have to be completely covered from head to toe. They have little regard for western culture or human rights in general. The Saudi government has always denied that it has any connection either with Islamic State or with Al Qaeda and we're supposed to believe it. They try to tell us that they are the good guys.

Obama destroyed much of our relations with the Saudis during his 8 years in office and openly questioned Saudi Arabia's value as an ally, accusing it of provoking sectarian conflict in the region. I, too, question it.

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Our Lake Worth Pool

There are still plenty of us in Lake Worth

Tuesday night the city will be talking, once again, about our it doesn't pay for itself. We've been hearing this ever since Mike Bornstein was hired. The city wants this amenity and our entire beach complex to be a commercial enterprise. They don't consider it an amenity. In fact, City Manager Bornstein considers it a "white elephant." It's all about dollars and cents and they spend little dollars and cents on repairs.

There will be a presentation by McAllister, a pool consultant, who says our pool should be closed. Of course, he also wants to be involved in anything the city might consider from his proposals. He has concluded that the following must be done to our pool:

Pool and Wading Pool Needs Cost Estimate

• Main drain sump boxes and 4” drain lines clearing and compliance to VGB $ 10,000
• Remove failing marcite coating and epoxy paint from both pools and re-marcite $ 150,000
• Discover and repair leak in main drain line in the wading pool and repair. $ 5,000
• Replace all lane line and trim ceramic tiles in both pools $ 12,000
• Cut channels in stress fractures fill with hydraulic cement and finish with marcite$ 3,000
• Pull up deck pavers every 5’ along the perimeter of the northeast sides of the 50-meter pool for the length of both 25-yard and 50-meter and sound check on original deck for voids from pool leak erosion. Discover voids and back fill voids and replace pavers as needed to finish. Allowance $ 20,000
Sub-Total $ 200,000

If the city wants to do everything McAllister recommends, it could  be a price tag of  $4,612,500.

SUMMARY: The Aquatic Facility Assessment presentation provides detailed information regarding necessary repairs and renovations needed for the safe operation of the municipal pool, pool bathhouse and pump room. Staff was directed at the August 8, 2016 Budget Workshop, to bring back a report on the pool for the Commission to review.

Just one slight problem with this Summary: There was no budget Workshop held on August 8 so that is probably just a typo. But there was one on August 9 and according to the Minutes from the August 9, 2016 Budget meeting, no one told the city manager to hire a consultant to do a report.  My question would be, have any repairs been done in the last six months when the commission asked that it be brought back?

A major HATE group in the U.S.


The political left loves to slap labels on people and groups it hates.

The Southern Poverty Law Center needs to rip up its list and start anew and heading the list should be, you guessed it, them! Next, nothing would surprise me if they included the entire Republican Party or Christianity. They've already included Dr. Ben Carson for his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

And now, it's out with its new "anti-government hate group" list, and look who's prominently featured ...

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunset 2-19-17

Has Pope Francis lost his mind?

Ashton Kuchner - ending Human Trafficking

Candidate Maryann Polizzi Speaks to the People

Dear All,
As March 14th draws near the ugly part of politics has hit me. If you receive any material NOT FROM ME, or my campaign manager, Colby Mims, please do not believe that any part is true.

A little about me:
I love all people.
I don't have a cell in me that is racist. I love all races and ethnicities.
I don't talk about my opponents.
Nor, do I talk about anything else but my own goals for this city.
I am an open book. You ask me how I feel on certain issues and I will tell you.
I have put my heart and soul into this election. I love talking to people and solving problems for them.

With this being said, if any posts, blogs, personal pages say anything about me that DOESN'T come from me, PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE IT.

I have had so many people say things they overheard and luckily they came and asked me. Politics in Lake Worth isn't pretty. I will absolutely fight the fight with the utmost confidence and never back down. I won't tolerate people saying things that are not true. I have never spoken ill of any of my competitors, Herman and Ellie, nor have I spoken about anyone in District 2. I consider each a friend.

The nasty letter has me running with Omari and William. Not true and they are fabulous guys. Thank you to all, who took the time to read this. It's extremely important. Please share!! Thank you and have a wonderful night.

Maryann Polizzi
Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Maryann Polizzi for Lake Worth city commission district 4

Unhinged Tyrannical Left

The government employees at the EPA are so upset over Scott Pruitt becoming Donald Trump’s Director of the EPA that they are lobbying their Senators. This appears to be an organized violation of the Hatch Act that forbids such behavior. Add to that the leaks that continue to flow from within the government and you have sabotage, pure and simple. This all should warrant prosecution.

Read about it... from Allen West.

The "Oppressed" - Sleeping with the Enemy


This is a group you'd never expect to find common cause with Islamists infiltrating the West. Yet despite their almost polar-opposite views on things each holds essential, they're working hand-in-glove. So, what unites them?

They have a shared, deep hatred for President Trump in spite of their polar differences to the detriment of their own well being. I never knew women could be so stupid to fall for the ploy.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tell Congress to Build the Wall

Tree Festival today in Lake Worth

Lake Worth Arborist Dave McGrew and
Tree Board Chair Richard Stowe

As I live in a condo, I don't have a need for a tree so I headed straight for the goodies. Bought some date and honey bread baked by Kathleen from A Kookie Jar located in Loxahatchee. Having a piece right now topped with cream cheese--fab!

Bought some homemade mango preserves made from Lake Worth mangoes! All sorts of trees for sale today.  You too can grow your own mango tree.

Quote of the Day - President Trump

But it’s very important to me, but this isn’t Donald Trump that divided a nation. We went eight years with President Obama and we went many years before President Obama. We lived in a divided nation. And I am going to try – I will do everything within my power to fix that.”

~ President Donald Trump

President "burns" the Press

Miami-Dade Commissioners Reject Sanctuary City Status

[USA Today] The Miami-Dade County Commission on a 9/3 vote rejected emotional pleas from residents Friday and voted to become the first county in the nation to drop its "sanctuary" status by agreeing to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.

Read about it...

Obeying the law should be normal operating procedure.

Early Morn 2-18-17

Tiffany Trump Bullied

[Allen West] It isn’t easy to be a Trump right now, especially when your name is associated with the leader of the free world, and rabid, crazy journalists are consumed with the idea of destroying him and his administration, no matter the cost.

Can't stand The View regardless.